Zeit – The World Is Nothing (Italy, 2015)


Zeit is a Venetian HC band formed in 2014 and The World Is Nothing is their overall second release and first published LP after the acclaimed debut EP “Zoe-Bios”.

I have not much to say about this record apart from F*CK ME SIDEWAYS. Damn the dudes are intense and what about the drummer Cesco? I lost my sh*t more than once. Jesus, is he some sort of in-disguise Ben Koller? Absolute b-e-a-s-t behind the kit! Relentless. My congratulations.
The LP is a collection of dark, dissonant flashy tunes with some sprinkles of obscure melody. Part of them have an old school metallic hardcore feel, part of them a mode modern, frantic post-HC \ mathcore approach.
The Converge reminiscence is strong through the entire record, so my only complaint if any would be a lack of personality by the band. But the playing is solid.

My two standout tracks would probably be the opener World And Distances and The Walls Of The World.
Special mention for the filler Disguised and its noir vibe.

What else to say? Nothing groundbreaking but you can’t miss this band if you’re a fan of post-hardcore\mathcore or if you ever enjoyed some Converge. A quality album. Props to the guys, keep it up!

1.World And Distances
3.Distance And Difference
5.Chasing The Void
6.Tautologies [feat. Fabio from Hobos]
7.Lack Of Parts
8.No Conception
9.The Walls Of The World
10.Past Meanings

Trivel Collective
Venezia Hardcore
Dischi Bervisti
Assurd Records
Martire Records
Cave Canem DIY
Icore Produzioni
Indelirium Records
Drugusingpeople Records
Dingleberry Records
5feetUnder Records
I Want To Believe Tapes

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Release Date: November 2, 2015
Reviewed by Rizzo

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