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And here we are again at the most feared moment of the whole year. That moment when you have to think about what has been done. All the music records you’ve listened to -in our very case. And that is freaking difficult.

This year, more than ever before, it’s going to be a close call to pick up the usual 5 top records. I already -partially- know which are going to be, though I should mention that there have been a couple of late releases that shattered my thoughts. Still need some time to ponder … I guess.

Anyway, I should make a statement of clarity. In fact any “Year-end List” -even the best one- could easily be spoiled by many factors. Time-wise is complicated to compare “younger” albums to ones released at the very start of the year, for example. Frankly, I’ve always found myself inclined to award the newest ones. Hell, who knows why!?  I’ll try and be unbiased!

Your changing taste can make a mistake too. And yes, it may happen. Don’t tell me your musical taste has never changed from the beginning to the bottom of one year? I think it has. Mine sure changed a lot during the last 365 days. It’s going to be even more difficult, then!

But again, this time around I’ll try and be as more unbiased as possible. Hopefully, you’ll see my final call on the first lights of 2017. Be prepared.


But hey, what about you folks?
Yeah, you! Do you want to tell us what are your favourite records of 2016?
Newest Metallica crap, or maybe the latest Saor. What about the Black Queen one? Or … Well, you name it.

Please, let us know your “Year-End List” in the comment below. Thank you!

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