Why “The Somber Lane”?

Turn the mainstream lights off and you’ll notice a whole world of artists glowing in the dark

As you readers probably know, the music industry is changing. In those last years, music as a whole is experiencing a revolution,that is a revolution “from below”. As we are technologically shifting from analog to digital distribution, the traditional ways of doing business are slowly collapsing as well, and die-hard music fans are eagerly waiting to witness the end of an era.
The “new” musical landscape will neglect major labels and will be made up of thousands of small-to-big, totally independent artists. Quality will be the rule of competition and support the new name of the game. Fans are nowadays getting in closer and closer contact with artists, in a two-way relationship that is more critical than ever, and they’ll be the key element in the equation.

That being said, we are also sadly aware that independent and emerging music is mostly being underlooked, ignored and left in the dark by the average listener. But gems are quite often found in obscure places, isn’t it? Hence the name “The Somber Lane“,that we pictured as a niche underground venue on “the path less traveled”, where every artist is entitled to raise his voice and speak to the world through his music. The blog will primarily focus on music (both underground and mainstream),and we will try to add some extras from time to time too. We will discuss the music industry’s situation and try to help artist that are willing to get in as indies.
So that’s our goal: bringing visibility to the upcoming artists who deserve it. And we personally think anyone deserves it, as quality will then speak for itself!

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