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And here we are friends. We’ve just celebrated our second birthday and yet we’re starting our third year of publications with the biggest of changes. We, in fact, moved our tiny little blog in its new home. A bigger one this time.

Having a new house means we should have bought new furniture. As you may have noticed already, there’s a brand new logo up here. It’s also pretty different from our previous one, in case you don’t remember. Of course, this new home brought with it the need for an address change. Which, for now on will be: www.somberlane.com and also, we needed a new contact. You can reach us at: info@somberlane.com for days to come. Besides all those new, shiny things, our rusty, DIY and music-maniac heart remains untouched. And that’s what really matters, isn’t it?

Oh, if you were looking for valuable content, that’s not gonna happen today. I’m sorry, we thought that a proper introduction to the new home of our ideas and passions would have been more appropriate. Doing this we can’t excuse ourselves and thank who gave us some extra help in making this possible. They are two fellas, basically. -besides yours truly Rizzo and Teo, but frankly, thanking ourselves out sounded overly neurotic- The first one is Simon (who also contributes to this blog as extra writer) that gave us precious suggestions and more than anything taught us how to sort out a .com domain. Actually he taught us that .com domains existed! The other important person for this TSL evolution is Nicola, who wisely and quickly got this site up and running.

Ok, we’re done here. That’s it for today. Now, take a look around and enjoy our brand new residence. We do hope you’ll like it as well as we wish you a pleasant stay here at The Somber Lane.
-Teo & Rizzo

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