We Are Changing …

Are we?
Of course we are. We are changing,  same way anything real does. Changing is wonderful. It is good but it often may be painful, scary or simply tough. And it’d be easy to get carried away on the topic, but I won’t. I don’t mean to be overly heart-touching in here, so let’s cut to the chase.

The reason of this post is that the “roots” of The Somber Lane are changing. Or rather they already have changed. And with this, I’d warn that some (many) of you might not give a fuck about it. But I thought -we thought- this should have been said. For the sake of clarity.
So, here’s the thing.

Rizzo, my blog mate and the co-founder of this very blog, left the guidance a month ago, more or less due to personal reasons. It has been a peaceful dissolution. No swearing. No punches in each other’s faces. No anger … etcetera. It has been fine. I mean, as fine as someone’s leaving you “behind” could ever be. But we both agreed on some common facts and ideas and we ended up peacefully.
That being said, the main question for me has been whether to continue or not with this blog. I admit it. I’ve been tempted to let it all go and fuck this up. I almost did. But I realised I couldn’t do that. And I didn’t want that after all.

But as you may understand, such a big change would bring some relevant changes in our main “output” too. In fact -if you’ll want to keep on following me and The Somber Lane- you’ll notice some small to big swings. First and foremost there will be no more news. The era of The Somber Lane as webzine-like site has just ended. For the foreseeable future, at least. I don’t want and I couldn’t keep up with the pace and write stuff, reviews and features while posting news at the same time. I’m sorry, but that is it.
Also, that decision brings to another poignant point of this irksome situation. The Somber Lane blog will be a one-man-show from today on, it will slowly but steadily transform itself into a music-based personal blog. That doesn’t imply I’m gonna write about my shitty life or troubles I had with my girlfriend, but if I’m gonna be up for posting about a trip I made then I will. If I don’t want to cover a band just because I dislike it, I will do that too. It is not politically correct, I know. But c’mon, who is these days?

Furthermore there is going to be space for occasional contributors as well. And hey, my good ol’ blog-mate Rizzo will be one of them. Still, and I’m gonna say it again, The Somber Lane is going to turn into a one-man show.

With that being said, I want to sincerely thank my friend Rizzo for contributing so far, at this project that will always be a creature of our own. Cheers mate!


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