Vision & Mission

The Somber Lane has been started in October 2014 with the aim to promote any kind of emerging and underground music from all around the world.
The two of us, Teo and Rizzo, are nothing but two ordinary guys with a strong passion for music, and we are hobbyist musicians too.
Through this blog we will mainly provide reviews, interviews and music news, as well as occasional extra columns dealing with the music business, recording-based ones for the home studio musician and more.
We’re not forgetting music discussion columns, such as our “Bite-Sized Reviews”, “Free Music”, Playlist, and other ones for your music hunger.

To grasp a better understanding of our manifesto, we invite you to have a look at our vision behind the blog and our approach to interviews in our respective introductive articles.
Regarding our promo policy, we still accept both physicals and digitals but we would kindly ask you to provide a physical copy in order to prioritize our work since we receive lots of promos on a daily basis. Please see our promo policy article for further details.

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