Victims Of Contagion – Parasitic Unborn (USA, 2014) by Rizzo

Victims Of Contagion
is a technical death metal band from Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
“Parasitic Unborn”, released September 2014, is their debut EP proudly showcasing a guest solo by master Bobby Koelble of Death fame on its last track.
The album is definitely well-played and technical. The guitar work is accurate, with intense riffing and tasty solos. The vocal department clearly reminds me of Suffocation and it also presents screams and gutturals in places, while an Obscura influence is tangible in the guitar work.
Drums have that Suffo spin too on the blasting sections and are for sure tight.
On to my selected tracks: “Terminal Evolution” brings techy riffs, a nice solo section with the right balance between melodic and shreddy, and a totally unexpected latin\flamenco-ish break that definitely caught me off guard. I enjoyed the solo section in “A Miscalculation” too.
But my real standout track would obviously be the last one, “Subservience”, for its great jazzy solo provided by Mr. Koelble, starting from the clean section and onwards.
The EP proves the experience and talent of the band, capable of heaviness as well as creative arrangements, and it is in my opinion an awesome debut record for the genre. Congratulations, guys!



  1. Neurohoarder
  2. Terminal Evolution
  3. A Miscalculation
  4. The Parasitic Unborn
  5. Subservience (feat. Bobby Koelble)



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