Review: Vargo Umnico – A Flower is Born (Italy, 2016)

Why am I so reluctant when it comes to play a new Italian act?
Dunno, maybe because I’m a bloody dumbass.
Luckily I didn’t listen to my instinct this time around, and gave Vargo Umnico’s A Flower is Born a chance. 2nd EP by this 3-piece band from Italy. Delivered after 3 years of silence, this latest fatigue hits the spot as well as did hit my cold, emotionless heart!

Apparently Vargo Umnico’s members do love girls. A naked lady is painted on the artwork, while 4 out of 5 tracks of this collection contain a women’s name in the title. Of course I can’t reprove them, hehe.
But beyond girls and nakedness discloses a beautiful and excellent post/art/prog rock record.
Five songs, and 3 of them are instrumental (!) while the remaining features a warm and pensive voice. It gently exhales slow verses singed in Italian. Well, these vocals are the only thing that left me with some doubts about Vargo Umnico’s EP. Sometimes I feel like it’s even too much breathy, “spoken” and in contrast with its accompaniment.
But the rest is just brilliant…elegant I’d say.


On second thought, “elegant” is the perfect adjective if you want to describe this album.
Starting from the gentle arpeggios of L’Immagine di Laura, the jazzy leads of Sopra Ogni Cosa (Ofelia), the stunning crescendo of Bianca (also my best pick in this collection) and the beautiful riffs with proggy shades of the title track, this album follows an imaginary line of tidy musical ideas.
In fact everything has been crafted so neatly, it probably took 3 years to get this record done, but damn, it’s been worth it!

I’d love to say few more words in favour of A Flower Is Born (the actual song), which has an exquisite smell of those “old-but-gold” Italian progressive rock numbers, PFM anyone!? The wise usage of ‘60s style synths makes this track a precious jewel in a diadem composed of 5 graceful pearls.

You all know I’m a devoted metalhead, though very open-minded. But even if we, as Italians, can’t produce higher level extreme metal records (most of the time, exceptions do exist still) we surely are in the front lines when it comes to put out “intelligent” rock music albums!
– Why do I forget about this all the time, by the way? –
This work, A Flower is Born by Vargo Umnico is the unquestionable proof. Cheers!

Label: Self-Released
Websites: Facebook | Soundcloud | Bandcamp
Release Date: 8th January 2016
Reviewed by Teo

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