Review: Vaiya – Remnant Light (Australia, 2014)

I came across this record by chance, I’ve to admit that. I saw this cover art amongst many other albums of the same genre (ambient black metal) and something just caught my attention. Probably it was the ascent picture, this pale waterfall that keep on flowing no matter what.
This picture got me and therefore I decided to give a deeper look and see how this album sounded like. (Let me now say that I’ve been lucky to find this out)

First of all I noticed that this record was composed by 3 tracks of the same exact length, which is 13 minutes flat each. It’s curious, isn’t it?
By the way, this one-man band from Melbourne (Australia) crafted here a rather good and intense composition which will bring us into the wildness of the nature.
And it’ll make us worship the great spirit that reigns supreme above this vast ensemble of creatures.

vaiyaThe album sounds raw, aggressive and introspective.
The voice of Rob Allen (the man that stands behind the Vaiya moniker) is deep, full-bodied and filled with grief. Just beneath Allen’s voice the guitars draw awesome patterns and riffs, sometimes they’re melodic and some other they’re harsh and desperate.
But the best parts, in my opinion, are the slow and calm interludes which are poignant and so emotional. This happens in particular on the first composition of this fine work: Confrontation. Which, in my humble opinion, it’s the standout track, and is worth the entire album (hey, of course the 2 remaining songs are very good too!).

I have to admit that sometimes Remnant Light reminds me of Woman is The Earth’s This Place That Contains My Spirit, probably because of the particular production sound (in which they are very similar one another). Anyways this isn’t absolutely a complaint, just a mere observation.

So, at this time, the best advice I can give you, is to stop everything you’re doing. Take a seat, turn off all the lights and let yourself dip into this astonishing journey called Remnant Light.


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