Unmercenaries – Fallen In Disbelief (International, 2014)

by Teo


This album is introduced as “An impressive debut, which will shake the earth to its core!”
It’s a kind of a brave introduction, isn’t it?
Let me say that I could both agree and disagree with it. And I’m going to explain why; but before a little introduction of the band.

Unmercenaries are an International band formed by members of Who Dies In Siberian Slush (Rus), Decay Of Reality (Rus), Forbidden Shape (Rus), My Shameful (Fin / Ger), Absent / Minded (Ger). The guys we’re talking about are: GUNGRIND (guitars, bass), E.S. (vocals), Jürgen Fröhling (drums). But besides pleasantries I think the time is right for start talking about what these 3 musicians have crafted in their debut album called Fallen In Disbelief.

This album offers a solid evidence of well-played funeral doom metal with obvious death influences. The voice is deep and guttural, guitars are heavy and dark, bass is full-bodied and drums are a piece of rock. Everything is exactly how we expected to be.
The things that really caught my attention at the first listen are mainly two: a fast-paced bridge (very blackened death metal style) inserted both at the very start and end of A Portal and the acoustic part that kicks-in with Circles of Disbelief (as well as the clean chorus erected more or less on the same chords as the intro).

The overall best song (in my humble opinion) is A Portal. Besides the interesting (and unusual) intro/outro we’re facing a monolithic funeral doom composition. With its touch of melodic lead guitars and its incessant heavy pace. This one brings me into a vortex of distress and oppression.

The following track, Circles of Disbelief left me instead with kind of a bad taste in my mouth. The beginning is magnificent with a pure melancholic acoustic guitar intro, flute and a thin synth layer. The thing that disappointed me was the leading melody, starting along with the growl. It’s a sort of oriental-style melody, which ruined a bit the dark atmosphere of the song and the album as well.

All in all Fallen in Disbelief is more than a good album, not to mention that is a debut one. It’s well played and well arranged, which is essential for a doom metal record to not to let it fallen into the oblivion of dullness. Probably it’s not going to be the new masterpiece of funeral doom music but it’s anyway an honest piece of work that deserves to be listened to and appreciated…and I’m sure that many of you will enjoy it.

– “Fallen in Disbelief” out on December 25th 2014 through MFL-Reocords and Frozen Light –


1. Among The Stars
2. A Portal
3. Circles of Disbelief
4. A Beggar’s Lesson


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