A Chat with Txus Rosa (Firmam3nt)

Today I’m presenting a brief but nice talk with Txus Rosa (a.k.a. Firmam3nt’s guitarist). This Spanish instrumental prog/post-metal band debuted with their self-titled album in 2016. I reviewed it over here: Bite-Sized Reviews #19

But now it’s time to let them do the talk!

Hello Guys! Welcome to The Somber Lane blog. Usually we like to start by introducing the artists we host. So, would you like to say something about the band? How would you convince our readers to check out your music?

We started the band around late 2013. At first, the line-up consisted of Jorge Santana (drums), Alberto García (guitars) and me (Txus Rosa, guitars) and we hadn’t agreed which sort of music we would play, we just knew we wanted this band to be instrumental and that there wouldn’t be any boundaries sound-wise. After a couple of rehearsals we decided to include a bassist in the line-up and, because of that, Antonio del Amo joined the band in 2014 and it was with him with whom we started to write the music for our debut album.

Unfortunately, there were some musical differences between he and us and we ended up taking different ways. So in 2015 Sergio González became our new bassist and we continued working on these four tracks, playing some shows and eventually recorded those songs at Estudios Asaltamentes in Madrid.

I’d say our music blends a lot of different genres and dynamics, so if you enjoy unpredictable and diverse music, there is a chance you will enjoy our stuff.

Why is there a number ‘3’ in your moniker? Does it mean something?

At first it had to do with the fact that the band was a trio, but then we became a four-piece, so we did some research and discovered it had a lot of different meanings in various fields: religion, culture, space…so we can say we ended up liking its meaning. [laughs]

One of the hardest thing for a band that plays instrumental music is to keep the listener involved and engaged using only the “voices” of their instruments. Personally I think you folks made it, but I’d like to know how you made it. What is your formula like when it comes to composition?

I don’t think there is a secret for that, we just start to jam some ideas in our rehearsal place (it could be an isolated riff or a whole song) until the pieces start to fit together and you can notice a certain “feeling” flowing throughout the song. That’s when we decide a song is ready. 

Let’s talk about your debut work. It is self-titled and each track are named after a cardinal point. Now, I’m not Sherlock Holmes but I imagine that there’s reason why you did that. Is there any concept at all beyond ‘Firmament’?

I wouldn’t say there is a concept as a whole, so to speak, but as I said before, we did some research about the band’s name and decided to write one track for each of the cardinal directions and I guess you can feel that in some parts, for example, the song “South” reminds me of those quiet Summer nights and that’s why it is a softer piece, even though there is a small storm at the end [laughs].

What does inspire you as a band and as single musicians?

Of course inspiration comes from all the bands you listen to, no matter if they are big or small, you never really know when inspiration can happen and help you to come up with that killer riff or epic melody!

I know, you’ve just debuted, but … any chance you will disclose anything on what’s coming next?

We want to play live as much as possible, we would like to tour Europe and, if possible, release new music in 2017.

Now it’s time to violate your own privacy!
What do you like to do when you’re not playing with ‘Firmam3nt’? Any other hobby or side project…

My only hobby and life is playing and listen to music [laughs] … No, I enjoy so much watching movies and series, reading  books and many other things

And that was the last one, guys. It has been a pleasure to host you on the virtual pages of The Somber Lane. Cheers!

Thank you so much for interview us. We´ll hope to see you soon in our first European tour and congratulations for your amazing webzine. See you guys!


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