Chart Time: Top 5 Opeth songs

I wrote this “top 5” because…well, I had some spare time and I didn’t know what to do with it. So why not to talk about my favourite act ever. I thought I’d compile a top 5 albums at first, but it would have been too easy, wouldn’t it? I decided to force myself instead and select amongst the all-good songs by the band from Stockholm. Some excellent ones were left over, while others made it in, let me say, surprisingly.
So here’s the ultimate Opeth top 5 songs ever!

  1. Burden(Watershed, 2008)

    Opeth‘s big(gest) ballad. Quite simple and catchy, but yet so deep. Not to mention the incredible outro-guitar solos…

  1. In My Time of Need(Damnation, 2003)

    It’s hard not to cry and feel the misery with this one. In My Time of Need comes out from the saddest Opeth record, Damnation, and it doesn’t miss the spot being the saddest tune out of that collection. When I feel bad this is what I’m probably gonna listen to.

  1. Hessian Peel(Watershed, 2008)

    An imaginary link between the old and new era of the band from Stockholm. Prog rock and death metal blend here together so well that makes this songs a milestone of heaviness and “proggy-ness” in their catalogue.
    Even though Watershed has been victim of lots of complaining, it contains some truly precious pearls as the above mentioned Burden and The Lotus Eater, besides the stunning Hessian Peel, of course.

  1. The Moor(Still Life, 1999)

    And this one is definitely messy. In a good way, of course. So many parts, stunning riffs, melodic breakdowns and acoustic passages crown The Moor as the broadest song by Akerfeldt‘s band, complexity wise. Oh…and the starting parts are just THE definition of perfection!


  1. The Leper Affinity (Blackwater Park, 2001)

    And here we are at the best Opeth song ever, aren’t we?
    While Blackwater Park is surely one of their most appreciated albums, The Leper Affinity is the perfect anthem of such a mammoth record.And when something is as brilliant as this song not much talking is necessary, so I’ll shut the f*ck up and let ’em tear this whole place down.
    Ladies and gentlemen, here you have Opeth!

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Nice chart. Maybe also “Hope leaves”, “April Ethereal” and “To bid you farewell” are worth a mention, IMHO…

The Somber Lane

Oh well, I love almost every Opeth’s song, and pick just 5 wasn’t easy. Anyway “Hope Leaves” didn’t make it in for a little.


Nice to see some love for Watershed! I never understood all the disappointment with that album.

The Somber Lane

That’s a good point indeed.Maybe it isn’t the best Opeth’s record but it’s way better, imho, of “Ghost Reveries” or “Orchid” for example.