Time Machine Review: Forbidden Shape – The Sleepwalking Psychopath (Russia, 2013)


Ok, I admit it: I own this record, and to be completely honest it has been given to me by its composer, Gungrind. And he left me the following inscription in the booklet: “Hope you enjoy this sick album!”
Well folks, the review could end right here, this album is pure sickness!

Forbidden Shape’s offering is very odd as well as varied. Honestly I’ve never heard anything like this. Everything is basically built up on a Death/Thrash Metal skeleton: great jaw-smashing riffs, huge guttural growls and steady drums. And this is the main dish, but the sides are what makes this album unique: you can hear hard-rock/bluesy riffs melting with Russian folk music’s reminiscences like in Distant Gleams From Moonless Skies, or proggy passages driving through dissonant solos like in Crude Soil Therapy. Not to mention the slight piano intrusions.

In this 8-track voyage through the deepest and darkest states of mind we’re driving by the intriguing and superlatively guttural growls of E.S. (also working with Who Dies In Siberian Slush, Unmercenaries and Decay of Reality), which is maybe the hottest point of the release. While the weakest one appears to be the drums, I would have appreciated a bit more variety in the various patterns and parts.

That being said, the strongest track is Distant Gleams From Moonless Skies for the previously mentioned unique infusion of various elements and styles. But also The Fool Of Barbed Wire And Thorns is a good adrenaline rush of sinister and dissonant tones. Please pay attention to the weird choirs that appear here and there along the track, so ominous. Oh, and a brief mention should be given also to Walking On The Dark Side for the killer riffs audible at its half.

Surely this is an odd record, not for every taste of course. But it is ORIGINAL, and original stuff are meant to be awarded. And when something is original, well-done and catchy at the same time, well folks, I cannot avoid to suggest it to you. Unfortunately it’s not easy at all to find this little oppressive gem on the net, and this makes it even more special. Enjoy the quest!

1. The Disturbing Frustration
2. The Fool Of Barbed Wire And Thorns
3. Walking On The Dark Side
4. The Sleepwalking Psychopath
5. The Hating Mirror
6. Distant Gleams From Moonless Skies
7. Crude Soil Therapy
8. Утопленник

Label: Fono Ltd.
Websites: VKontakte
Release Date: 5th November 2013
Reviewed by Teo

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