Time Machine Review: Dreariness – My Mind Is Too Weak To Forget (Italy, 2013)


This album is not produced very well, drums are flat and “fake”, screams get quite boring after a while and song structures are nothing but very simple and predictable. So, why can’t I stop myself from listening to this over and over again?

Dreariness, this 3-piece band from Rome, gathered in My Mind Is Too Weak To Forget a handful of true gloomy emotions, desperation and depressiveness. The incredible high pitched screams of the lady-singer, Tenebra, are truly painful. I think it’s from the days of Silencer that I haven’t heard something so real, so painfully real.
However, it’s true when I say that after a while this kind of vocal becomes somehow noisy, but hey, a DSBM record is SUPPOSED to be disturbing, how the hell could you experience such feelings otherwise?

Anyway, from time to time, the screams are broken down from some almost-spoken voices. But even those parts are full of sorrow as the voice turns into a desperate cry quite often. But the track without any vocals is outstanding too, as One Last Wish is beautifully emotional and introspective. There’s no sign of even a word in all the 9 minutes of length, but the guitars speak for themselves. If you think you’re gonna cry and sink into the oblivion for just one song, well this would be that one, and it’s probably my favorite one, along with Coming Home.

That’s really a shame that drums sounds so…fake, they worsen the overall quality but that’s ok anyway, I’m pretty sure these folks will do a lot better on their next album. And after all, with My Mind is Too Weak To Forget, Dreariness already showed that they could do a lot better than most of the bands (of the same genre) out there. And again, they are probably the best Italian metal act I got to know this year, so I hope they will keep up the great work done so far and I’m looking forward for an even more soul-destructive experience by Dreariness.


1. Reminiscence
2. Coming Home
3. My Last Goodbye
4. Madness
5. Dysmorphophobia
6. Lost
7. One Last Wish
8. My Mind Is Too Weak To Forget

: Nostalgia Productions
Websites: Facebook  | Soundcloud
Release Date: 15th January 2013
Reviewed by Teo

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