Review: Thulcandra – Ascension Lost (Germany, 2015)

…And they’re finally back!
Yes, Thulcandra are absolutely back with another great record.

I’ve been amazed by the music of this trio (even if there’re 4 members now) from Munich (Germany) since the first time I listened to their Fallen’s Angel Dominion album. And do you know why? Because they sounded pretty much like Dissection, and the cool thing about that is that they had no problems to admit that. Since my copy of their debut album proudly shows a sticker with the following words: “A melodic black/death metal legacy for fans of Dissection!”.
Man this is absolutely admirable!

As I love Dissection, then I love the astonishing music of Thulcandra. Simple as that.

Ok, now that I’ve bored you (as usual) let’s talking about this new work that will make you thrash your heads, named Ascension Lost. Well, to be honest, it wasn’t easy for me to understand that they had left behind that Dissection-like feeling at the beginning. Of course you can still hear a lot of Dissection as well as Naglfar, Unanimated and Vinterland influences in this sick record, but they kind of found their own sound, even if they keep on honoring those old Swedish mammoth bands.

As we come across this record we would be able to notice another astonishing painting by the almighty Kristian “Necrolord” Wahlin (who also worked at other Thulcandra covers, as well as a lot of other amazing arts for bands from all over the world). But once we finally start the album, the legions of darkness will surround us, again. The mood of this album is evil, cold and aggressive. Probably the songs are less catchy as opposed to Under A Frozen Sun, but they’re definitely more complex and there’s the need of a more accurate listen to be able to enjoy them completely.

Anyway, in my opinion, the album starts a bit flat…we have to get to Demigod Imprisoned to unleash all the bleak power of the band from Munich.
After that one we find a little moment of relaxation with the all-acoustic Interlude (and this is very Dissection-esque), just a bit more than a minute and the legions are ready to strike again.
Here are my favourite tracks from the record: Exalted Resistance and The Second Fall. The first is pure fucking Armageddon (no sorry, that was another song). I was saying, the first is fast and violent with Kummerer’s screaming reaching his finest point in the entire record. While the second is simply the wicked one. Evilness at its purest form.

Just before the end we encounter the title track Ascension Lost, and after that only a sad and melancholic Outro will drive us into oblivion.
The lights are faded, the end is near and the ice got the better of us.
Well done (once again) Thulcandra!




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