Ethereal Black Metal #3 – |||

Ok, I need to write a short introduction to this piece.
It may sound absolutely ironical and a bit stupid to publish a review of my own music, but the thing is, Stormm here wrote this article without actually being told to (but I’m not complaining of course). Hence his opinion is totally and utterly honest and it hasn’t been driven by the undersigned.
However, I want to deeply thank him for the great words he spent about this newest project of mine…and of course for keeping contributing the blog.
That being said (aka boring part done) let’s dig into this latest Stormm’s Ethereal Black Metal episode!


The peculiarly name ||| is the latest project to have spawned from the very creative Chiral mastermind, Teo. Unlike his main band this is a darker beast altogether.

The album opens with a short ambient interlude which grabbed my attention straight away. I always love to see musicians in the extreme end of metal music creating such beautiful pieces and find them to be some of the best in the ambient genre, ‘Tomhet‘ anyone?

When the metal does kick in you are treated with a more dense and reverb heavy sound as opposed to the cleaner nature of Teo‘s main band. Drums lay buried and distant sounding in the mix. Same can be said for the keyboards when used, droning under the surface but being audible just enough to compliment the guitars as they wade into the darkest depths. All this is topped by the blackened rasps, calling you into the unknown.

What this all equates to folks is atmosphere and this release, though short is full of it. Makes one think of unknown realms and frozen wastelands. Similar musically to the wonderful Ethereal Shroud which is only a good thing. Music for the mind. If you were to ask me what this release sounds like, well try staring at the cover artwork for Paysage d’Hiver‘s ‘Die Festung‘ and you will not be far away…

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