Ethereal Black Metal #1 – The Wanderer…

If you check the bands archives page, The Wanderer… themselves are a bit of a mystery.

Not much info on them, a quick Google and you get the same, nothing. Hailing from Australia and only forming in 2014, releasing just a few demo’s thus far which are, in my opinion, pretty damn incredible. Tour de Garde has combined the last two demo’s on a single cd, two tracks spanning approx 50 minutes. A few influences can be heard but I get constantly reminded of one, Burzum, especially the earlier releases and in particular ‘Hvis lyset tar oss’.

Travelling to work this morning in the snow just made the album click all the more, quite hypnotic, reverb heavy and full of atmosphere. It brought back some of the feelings I first got many years ago listening to HLTO for the first time. My only complaint which is minor I guess is the lack of vocals, basically none at all. Choir like chanting is used as well as some whispers but that is about it. I really hope going forward the band incorporates vocals into their music, would be the ‘icing on the cake’ so they say. Check out the first track here:

…and if you enjoyed that, here is the second.

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