The Visit – Through Darkness Into Light (Canada, 2015)


What if no colors existed?
What if no heat would warm up our tired limbs?
What if all the coldness and bleakness of the world could be combined and impressed on just one record?
Well, if The Visit haven’t managed to create such a vision, I’d say they are pretty close yet.

This amazing duo from Ontario, Canada, composed by cellist Raphael Weinroth-Browne (also in Musk Ox) and vocalist Heather Sita Black offered a pretty solid evidence that you don’t need many instruments to get intense music. In fact a cello and vocal is all you’ll need for your next trip into the snow to experience the extreme coldness of our desperate world.
Through The Darkness Into Light is a splendid infusion of modern chamber music with mid-eastern reminiscences (ndr. sometime I can hear too much mid-eastern influences for my own tastes). Long and intricate tracks, so many parts to cherish and beyond wonder vocal weaves.
But the point here is, and I remember me saying this sometime, that this record isn’t supposed to be listened to but it must be felt. Don’t think, don’t talk, don’t do anything but let yourself sink into this cold ocean of intriguing melodies and echoing voices. Let The Visit do the talking and you won’t regret it.

However this isn’t the easiest of records you can approach, it’s so goddam hard to get into actually. You have to be in the right mood to FEEL it, and this could penalize The Visit’s fatigue, but hell, once you’ve felt it you’ll then experience like a gentle chill on your spine and sure thing is you won’t easily stop this record from playing. But you’ll let yourself be leaded Through The Darkness Into Light and back. And where darkness leaves room for light to expand you’ll catch your breath then, but when darkness will take over you again, with the elegant and yet mysterious cellos arpeggios, you’ll be thrilled and that’s where the wonderful thing begins to happen.


1. Without This Flesh
2. Offering
3. Cast Off The Veil
4. Through Darkness
5. Into Light

Label: Self-Released
Websites: Facebook  | Bandcamp  | Website
Release Date: 9th October 2015
Reviewed by Teo

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