The Somber Lane is online on DIYSCO


The Somber Lane is now online on the Italian DIY music portal DIYSCO!

DIYSCO is a self-sustaining “glocal” network founded in 2014 which tries to reunite all independent realities concerning the Italian music scene: from fans to labels through event organizers, artists and musicians, bloggers, live clubs, festivals, collectives, photographers and videomakers, recording studios and so on, in the effort of giving empowerment and connection to the DIY scene.

You can create your own profile on the portal, which act as a sort of small social network, and offer your services or simply get to know other music fans.


We’re happy to contribute to this smart initiative and we hope this will be one of the starting points for a more inclusive and supportive DIY scene.

You can find our DIYSCO profile here and visit DIYSCO’s homepage here.

If you’re an Italian reader and you feel you can contribute to the independent scene in any way, we encourage you to register to the portal.
Good luck DIYSCO!

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