The Naive announces debut EP ‘Saw The Sun’

Avid Toronto music scene collaborator (Marlon Chaplin, Freeman Dre, Ada Dahli) Sintja fronts THE NAIVE on guitar/vocals/keys, fleshed out by Jeff Deegan (bass), Brandon Wall (guitar) and Stefan Hegerat (drums). While all four contribute musically, Sintja is the principle writer and producer.

After two years in the making, THE NAIVE release their debut four song EP “Saw The Sun”.

“Clouds stretch out in front of me/I’m holding out for the sun to come/Tops of the trees are telling me ‘you ain’t climbed high enough yet” 

This line from the titular first single expresses imagining the freedom of reaching one’s full potential while trapped in a stagnant state. The musical strength in this pop-centric EP lies between a refreshing eclecticism of songs; complex arrangements founded on simple melodies. 

The process of “Saw The Sun” coming to fruition was a long journey, starting at the birth of Sintja’s songwriting. The songs were first written upwards of seven years ago, and recording began two years ago. The result being, THE NAIVE honing in on their pop/jazz sound. 

‘Saw The Sun’ EP Release – The Piston (937 Bloor St. W – Toronto) – January 25th

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