The Catechism of Depression


Honestly I don’t get how certain people always want to listen to happy music, discrediting the saddest one at the same time. I know, it’s easier to find this kind of habit in mainstream music listeners. I mean, that kind of audience who only hear music through TV and radio shows. While underground music fans are more inclined to depressive music, not to mention metalheads.

Maybe that’s just me, but when I’m feeling down and depressed I just can’t play happy stuff. Nor I’m truly interested in good-feeling music though. Quoting the great G.Handerson, co-mastermind of the sub-sounds wizards Sunn O))), talking about their newest album:

“Happy? I’m happy it’s finished. [Laughs.] This kind of emotion doesn’t really matter to me. …” [1]

And that’s the same here, I’m always looking for more interesting and deep feelings in music, than pure happiness. I think that everyone can be happy, or just pretend to be, writing happy songs. But it’s way harder to touch the strings of sadness and being able to move someone this way.
And we’re slowly getting to the point here.

These days I’m so into Mournful Congregation (guess why), and you can get what feelings they evoke in music from their moniker. Their outstanding ability in resulting so painfully depressive relies mainly on godlike slowness, catacomb-like growls and cavernous guitars. This particular sound makes me feel like the whole weight of my existence is graving on my shoulders, right here, right now. I can barely move as I’m crushed down by this pitiless ensemble. Like a slow, slow march to a burial which is not going to happen, not right now at least.
All of a sudden you’re all gonna say they’re boring, noisy, boring and again boring. What I’m going to say then is maybe you’d want to hear ’em during your worst moments…and maybe you’ll feel bonded then.

So, I was basically going to suggest a couple of tracks of theirs. This first one is taken from Mournful Congregation‘s latest LP, entitled The Books of Kings and this epic is The Catechism of Depression.


While the second and last one is from their absolute masterpiece The Monad of Creation.

I hope I’ve been able to make your day worse now. And maybe also made you discover a new valuable act.

That being said, if you are still thinking Adele is the pinnacle of sadness, well, please go ahead and take your bloody Prozac pills drinking wine…possibly crying your heart out listening to “Hello”.
I’m gonna keep this Funeral Doom coming!

[1] Read more @ Rolling Stone Online

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