The Catechism of Depression #2 – We Are Not…

I’ve firstly written The Catechism of Depression as a twisted stream of consciousness to manifest some twisted thoughts about my personal vision of depressive music.
In that occasion I thought to introduce one of the most intense bands of all time, Mournful Congregation. But surely grief can’t stop so suddenly, and so I kept on looking for other mournful stuff.
And what I did find is nothing less than disturbing. (Ndt. Thank you Jeremy!)


The moniker already explains everything. Comatose Vigil is a black hole ready to devour your whole. A scary presence which makes you slowly, but firmly, vanish into nothingness. You are nothing, or you’re soon to become nothing!
Conversely from the first part, where the Australian band we were dealing with had a sort of “vast” and magnificent kind of depression, today we’re stuck in the depths of our brains. A cold, humid chamber is what we have. We suffocate, slowly choke as the air becomes more and more saturated with misery.
You claustrophobic, this is NOT for you!
Quoting the friend of mine who suggested me this band:

“They’re that kinda day ruining shit! So be careful with them!” 

But trust me, you’re never gonna be careful enough. Comatose Vigil, with their sulphurous yet atmospheric funeral doom will take you down, downer that you’ve ever been.
This is the monolithic opener of their last album, Fuimus, Non Sumus… (and yes, that’s the last one cause the band has been split up).

If you need to feel bonded to darkness and despair this is what you do need!

P.S.: Closing this thing up I wanted to say thanks to all the readers who got in touch after checking out the first part of this article. It has been great (and supportive as well) to see many of you agreeing with me and feeling the same toward depressive music.

Again, thank you all folks for sharing your feelings and grief with me.
Music is nothing if it doesn’t bear profound meaning!

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