Review: Teverts – Towards The Red Skies (Italy, 2016)

Italian’s Stoner Rock/Metal act Teverts introduces itself as “So Fucking Heavy” (Ndt. See description on their Facebook page) and hell, hard to prove ‘em wrong!
With this 6-track Towards The Skies they surely walk the path of heaviness. 30-minute shy of music is all that’s needed to show us what this trio from Benevento (Italy) is able to do.

To tease you up well, I might say this recording recalled me of a polished version of Electric Wizards. Take the heaviness, the power, the body but with a more balanced, hefty and less-cheeky sonic ambience.
All good you may say. Well, it depends on what you’re looking for, of course. Personally I really did appreciated this stylistic choice.
What I did not appreciate is the vocal department instead. While it’s performance-wise genuinely good, it suffer from a poor English elocution. I’m sorry, but if you plan to sing in a foreign language you must do it in the best way. And you definitely can do it better. Just a friendly suggestion for a better exportation of your own art overseas.

The sonic-side of Towards The Skies offers a strong bent for bluesy and psychedelic rock movements. Which is admirable and appreciated by yours truly as well. The long, liquid guitar solos always arrive to give a break from the granitic stoner parts. They give the album a touch of dynamism while pleasing your ears. Sometimes this solos may result in an overly stretched performance, and I mean time-wise. Being them so slow and ethereal you may find yourself a bit disoriented when these guys pick up with the “strong” riffs. Luckily it doesn’t happen so often and hence we can enjoy totally nailed tunes like my favourite Shine, or the monolithic opener Control.

Finally, a big approval goes to both production and playing.
The production choices and the quality itself are absolutely top-notch indeed.
Whereas the playing ability held by these 3 guys is nothing but perfect for the style they offer.
That being said, just play it fuckin’ loud…this is how Tevert’s record gives its best!

Label: Karma Conspiracy Record
Websites: Facebook | Bandcamp
Release Date: 12th February
Reviewed by Teo

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