Terran City – Disperse (USA, 2015)


Terran City is a solo instrumental post-rock\ambient project from Houston, Texas.
“Disperse” is the debut EP, summing up to about 20 minutes in length and by a total of 4 tracks.
I think that the overall mood of this work could be expressed by the cover art: a quite psychedelic and layered palette of colors. Well, soundscapes in our case.
You’ll find minimal arrangements, distant sound effects, guitars providing ethereal, lush chords and melodic, repetitive lines which will slowly let your mind sink and gaze into the music.
The first half of the EP is firm into the ambient realm, while the second half has slightly higher energy tracks. “Disperse Into Foam” for example presents a tension climax resolving into a heavy, pounding outro which even gets to fast double bass drumming.
My favorite track would be “Climb The White Tower”, which is quite reminiscent of early Alcest to my ears.
Since this is just Terran City’s debut, I hope that we’ll be able to hear more from them in the future! Good job.



  1. Alien To Me
  2. Climb The White Tower
  3. Caspian
  4. Disperse Into Foam


Suggested albums

A City Dissolving – 101613 (USA, 2013)

Alcest – Shelter (France, 2014)

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