Review: Terra Deep/Hyperborean Skies – Mariposa (USA, 2014)

I’m going to review a great split album (actually a split tape), but first I’d like to tell you a little behind-the scenes story:
I heard about this release being a fan of Terra Deep, and I’m following him over Facebook. So I already listened to this record and I was also planning to review it.

Afterwards, I received a kind review request from Mysterious Stranger Productions, the label that released this split.
Well, I couldn’t be happier.
I was asked to write a couple of lines about a thing that I enjoyed so much…awesome!

This split album is composed of 6 tracks, the first two from the great Terra Deep and the remaining from this fresh act called Hyperborean Skies.
First things first. As I said this record starts off with two huge tracks by Terra Deep. Actually they’re something very different from what the band from Oregon is used to sound like (at least in the latest records). This couple of songs indeed sounds very raw, catchy and up-tempo.
To be honest I haven’t heard this side of Terra Deep before, but damn! It’s good as his more melodic and atmospheric side.

If I’d have to pick just one track, I Worship The Earth That Awaits Your Grave would be my favourite one. It has one of the most beautiful and catchy choruses I’ve ever heard in a black metal song.

After this two good tracks we have to move forward and meet our new fellow, Hyperborean Skies.

Ben Stire, the mastermind behind the Hyperborean Skies moniker, offers 4 pieces of atmospheric Cascadian-like music in his share of this split.

The sound is raw, as in the Terra Deep side of this split, but unfortunately sometimes it ‘s a bit too much DIY here. Besides that the compositions are still magnificent.
And as a plus we can encounter some greatly enjoyable folky influences.
So I’d really love to suggest Hyperborean Skies to improve his recording and mixing skills and I’m pretty sure, if this will happen, that his next release will be something remarkable!

With this record we went through a journey through nature. A nature as fragile as the wings of a butterfly, that we have to cherish and keep safe.
With the Terra Deep side we face the wild and aggressive part of our mother nature while with Hyperborean Skies we will worship her and, finally, find some peace.


Terra Deep

Hyperborean Skies

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