Tagarot – Veleda’s Prophecy (Austria, 2016)


Are you kidding me?!?

This might not be fair, but that was my first thought as I played Tagarot‘s debut EP. I never enjoy talking shit about someone, but sometimes I just have to do it. So I’ll try not to be shy and analyze this EP politely. 
First of all I’m gonna tell you the two big mistakes which made this album a fail to me:

1. The female clean vocals, which are simply awkward. She just seems annoyed of standing in front of the mic. Not to mention the vocals-music placement, which sounds pretty wrong most of the times. Really, you pull over all this singing and you already get a better record. (A lot of work must be done on this side, just my humble opinion though).
2. Bad production.
I’ve heard a lot of demos sounding better than this. The mixing is muddied, the drumkit sounds like plastic and overly pushed behind and the clean singing covers everything up just as it appears (especially if you’re listening at very high or low volume).
All of this makes the listening experience very tough…too tough to be enjoyed.

I made this same mistake once (with my own band) so this is more of a friendly suggestion than an actual reproach: Don’t ever trust just your ears. But have someone else listening to your record before putting it out.  You may be too focused on your playing or maybe to bonded with the songs and all of this can affect your judgment.
If this album was mixed and mastered by a professional engineer, well, do yourselves a favour and fire him.

Luckily there aren’t only bad things on Veleda’s Prophecy, few positive ones are still present.
The guitar playing is definitely good for example. Also the guy-who-play-all-those-folkish-instruments knows what he’s doing. And well, the load bearing melodies of some tunes are quite enjoyable as well. So that’s a real shame that this record has been ruined in such a superficial way.

Personally I’d suggest these guys to be more focused and caring on the product they want to get. Some main changes are needed, but the rest is just a matter of fine tuning.


1. Tears
2. Veleda’s Prophecy
3. Callis Sanguinis
4. The Shaman’s Path
5. Samant
6. Blood Soaked Earth
7. Fate and Fear

Label: Self-released
Websites: Facebook  | Bandcamp
Release Date: 10th January 2016
Reviewed by Teo

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