Sylvan Awe – Offering (Australia, 2015)

Gatefold sleeve Double

While sometimes Black Metal could be the nest of evolution and innovation, other times it could be just granitic tradition. The latter is Sylvan Awe case.

This Australian one-man act, leaded by the mastermind S.Callinan, debuts on the “long distance” with his Offering. Everything sounds pretty solid here, from the songwriting to the production. Sure thing is that Mr. Callinan didn’t go for any hazardous move, or extremely innovative idea. He delivered instead 7 good-enough tracks of pure black metal, with just a distant recall of an atmospheric feel. Even though, while I was wandering through Sylvan Awe’s record I came across some interesting Death Metal-style solutions. Dense vocals. Compact rhythms. And some exciting breakdowns too.
Last but not least, acoustic guitars are added carefully to adorn this little but pleasant gem.

Actually the acoustic guitars intrusions are the moment I enjoyed the most. Look out for Ye Hills and you’ll understand. Also Kinsfolk deserves a mention here. Intense and intricate with so many parts and great riffs.

All in all Offering is a good and neat album. It won’t be the best album of this year. As it’s not going to be a black metal masterpiece. But it shows a lot of great stuff that just need a little evolution to become huge!
43 minutes of pure and dogged Black Metal that you may enjoy if you’re a fans of Wolves In The Throne Room, Burzum or early Emperor (without the symphonic elements, of course).
I did enjoy Sylvan Awe’s Offering, so yes. Thumbs-up for this one.


1. Sorrow
2. Kinsfolk
3. Exterminate
4. Nurture
5. Renew
6. Ye Hills
7. Reverence

Label: Nature World Records
Websites: Facebook  | Label @ Bandcamp
Release Date: 1st November 2015
Reviewed by Teo

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