Going Where Spotify Goes: MUSE

I’ve been a Spotify user for 3 years now and although I do love the service in its whole package I’ve never clearly got to understand the use of Spotify’s Radios. So I had to try and experiment with it. I started with a radio channel that was suggested to me. It was the MUSE one in this very case. I then started from it and went along for 20 consecutive tracks without never interfere with the software. That’s where it took me…


Clearly it all started with a  MUSE tune. It was Supremacy. Yet, Spotify suddenly decided to let me hear some creepy Coldplay’s bullshit. “Are you fu**ing kidding me?” That is what I thought. But that’s not only that. The software, in fact, thinks I must like Chris Martin’s band if I’m a fan of MUSE. I got 3 Coldplay’s tunes out of 20 songs in total. And that bothered me quite a lot.
Ok, I do not know what you were you thinking at, but I do hate them!


That being said, the strangest song I got to hear was Nirvana’s biggest hit Smell Like Teen Spirit. This has gone too far, right? What does it have to do with MUSE? But I cannot complain too much since I’ve been suggested also Green Day (!?)

But no, it has not been only bad. The lovely Spotify dropped some good Radiohead too. -That was the perfect match I was waiting for. But I also expected Queen, which never arrived.- For the rest no big surprises and no interesting new music as well. That was the thing I was actually looking forward to.

Let’s say if you are looking for a MUSE based listening session you may end up baffled. Though, if you are a big (sissy) fan of Coldplay this would work out pretty fine to you!

And here’s the lovely playlist Spotify played for pleasing me:

1. MUSE’s Supremacy
2. Coldplay’s Paradise
3. Kings of Leon’s Waste a Moment
4. Red Hot Chili Peppers’ The Gateway
5. MUSE’s Muscle Museum
6. Incubus’ Wish You Were Here
7. The Killers’ Mr.Brightside
8. Coldplay’s Everglow
9. MUSE’s Blackout
10. Arctic Monkeys’ Do I Wanna Know?
11. Kings of Leon’s Walls
12. Green Day’s 21 Guns
13. MUSE’s Supermassive Black Holes
14. Linkin Park’s Burn it Down
15. Radiohead’s Creep
16. Nirvana’s Smell Like Teen Spirit
17. MUSE’s Time is Running Out
18. Coldplay’s A Sky Full of Starts
19. Franz Ferdinand’s Take Me Out
20. MUSE’s Feeling Good


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