Spotify Playlist: Autumn’s End Soundtrack

Autumn. It’s all about scents, colours and fiery sunsets. Well, not only that. Music is essential as well. For such a season we need something deep, warm and slightly melancholic to better cherish a long walk amongst the woods. While the shadows of the night are overcoming. The chill is gently falling upon the trees. And your fading gaze is lost between the bleak brunches and … music is playing.

Yeah, you got it. I love Autumn. It is my favourite season, no doubt. And since I love music as well what a better match than a playlist inspired by this gorgeous season. To do that I let Spotify helping me. Its function for creating playlists is definitely brilliant. It reminds me of the old days when I used to make mix- tapes. Ok, I’m not that old. I just liked cassettes fashion and the way they sounded “warm” when played in my stereo.

As Spotify kicked in, with that fancy feature, I couldn’t help myself from making dozens of playlists. Some of them are just creepy, stupid or deliberately long. Few of them are pretty, instead. And frankly, the one I’m sharing today might be quite pleasant. Autumn’s Ends Soundtrack because we are heading towards winter, aren’t we? And even though the chill is coming, those 18 songs will warm your heart while slowly help you in a melancholic slumber. For the occasion, I’d like to point out what I think are the pillars of this “digital” mix tape.

Vargo Umnico’s Ofelia is one of them. The feeble atmospheres crafted by this young Italian act are just made for autumn. -Just in case, I reviewed them here
Brand New are also quite important to the whole compilation. I picked up the song “Not The Sun”, but anything from “The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me” would have a been a close call. Same for Dredg and There Will Be Fireworks, a lot of songs could have fit here. Although I went for the astonishing “Planting Seeds” by the first one and “Roots” for the latters. And finally, it’s all held together by the beautiful desperation of Angel Olsen’s Sister -one of the best album of 2016, if you don’t know her yet- and the uber-melancholy of the Australian Epipthets and their Disaster Tourism.

Now we’re all set. 90 minutes of deep, meaningful music is waiting for you. Enjoy.

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