Spam Promotion is Not Good


Spamming everywhere around the web is ALWAYS a stupid thing. And if you plan to promote yourself and your music with a “spamming tactic” you’re going to be the king of idiots.
Last night I received a personal message on Facebook by an underground metal label linking me the video promotion and pre-order details of their “amazing” newest release.
Ok, so what do you think I cared of that message? Nothing, exactly nothing. Actually I’ve also been quite pissed off by it, ‘cause, what the hell, I don’t know who the hell are you, I have never spoken a single word to you and you’re coming to send me stuff privately on my personal FB account, even without introducing yourself first!? Well, result is that I won’t probably ever check out your music, even if it was the best record of the last decade, because you introduced yourself in the worst way actually possible.

Another episode, same finale. Again on Facebook, yes because it is the home of the worst mindless spammers in the world, probably only Twitter is worse than FB. Anyway, this hilarious guy would simply post his band’s FB page each and every single day (maybe also twice sometimes) asking and stalking everyone to drop a “simple like” and invite their friends to do the same.
What harm is he doing? Nothing, nothing at all….but what is the real point to have hundreds of likes on your fancy FB page and having no “real” followers? Again, nothing, nothing at all.
Because if you keep on stalking people maybe you’ll receive a bunch of likes, but none of them will really be interested in what you’re actually up to.

What I’m trying to say with this “public complain” is: please STOP SPAMMING!
If you’re trying to promote yourself and your goddam music do it in other ways, there are plenty of them.
If you can afford one, try and contact a serious (!) music PR, they will know what and how to do this stuff (ok, they would know it if they are actually serious). If you don’t know any, feel free to get in touch and I’ll be more than happy to throw in some names. And just to be clear: I’m not a part of any of them nor I’m hired by them.
You can focus on “off-line” promotion. If your promotional plan is based only on online and web promotion you’re probably making some serious mistakes (so don’t act like me, I’m a dumb shit-head and still have to fully understand this myself 😉 ).
Why not getting in touch with blog writers and music writers privately, with plain, simple and polite emails, telling who are you and trying to get them interested in what you do, but avoiding to be too harassing. If you can’t engage one writer just leave him or her alone and move on. There is a shit-ton of them, don’t waste your and someone else’s time with someone who is simply not interested in you.
These were only some simple ideas, maybe we will have a more in depth talk about them in a further article, but right now this is the “take home” message: SPAMMING IS BAD! It won’t do any good and people most probably would end up bothered by your “annoying” methods. Think about it…

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