Review: Sound Awakener – September Traveler (Vietnam, 2014)

Let’s say that this album is strange, even for an ambient album.
Let’s also say that this album is hard to be followed through. Probably most of you won’t give a fuck about this at this point…but, hey! Wait a minute guys, maybe you should give it a chance.

September Traveler comes as a collection of the Vietnamese artist and composer Nhung Nguyen “hiding” behind the Sound Awakener moniker.
As I’ve been able to read on the release notes, this record is supposed to be also the soundtrack of Irene Cruz’s exhibition What dreams are made of (who is a photographer, for your knowledge).

This collection doesn’t contain much music. Actually it features a lot of field recordings, ambient noises and “misty” atmospheres. For this reason it’s absolutely not a catchy album, but if you take the right time to understand it you’ll see the light slowly appearing through the mist.

My favourite track is Learning to Drown. A gentle veil of synths, a vanishing melody and blurred atmospheres…definitely a daydream.
Unfortunately I felt like a lack of stability “wandering” through The Shade You’ve Become: essentially a long set of field recording and various noises. It may sound interesting at first, but it quickly becomes boring with the process of time.
Very nice instead is the closure with The Call is Fading, dissonant sounds fading into a cold sinister mist.

Finally, if you need melody-driven songs, well this isn’t your cup of tea. Otherwise, if you like dreamy sounds, noises and foggy synths then have a try and give it a chance, it’ll be worth it.



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