Skyforest – Aftermath (Russia, 2014)


I wasn’t so sure whether to review it or not, I’ve already featured this record over the FREE MUSIC column, but I really got overexcited about Skyforest and so I wrote this piece of crap in a sort of a “heat of the moment” madness. So pardon me if it would sound pretty stupid sometimes!

Hailing from Russia, Skyforest is a one-man band guided by B.M. (ex Annorkoth). He labels his music as Melancholic Metal and we surely can’t argue that. If Lustre would go mad, and start adding wild drums and increasing his songs’ tempo, he’d probably sound quite like this Russian band. Adding also a bunch of clean vocals here and there and you get it. Ladies and gentlemen this is Aftermath.
Ok, well, maybe I’ve been a way too shallow, but this was more or less the impression I had. This record was crafted incredibly well, as you won’t get easily bored by it. Full-bodied atmospheric synths and powerful strings will guide you, while vocals will lead your way.

I Wish the Dawn Would Never Come ends up to be the highest point on Skyforest‘s first and only fatigue. The song that makes this record special, the unquestionable climax. I easily fell in love with it, as I imagined myself wandering through fields of golden grain, while staring at the night sky. I could see the sun down there, emerging from the lands and I was waiting for a dawn that, nonetheless never came.
To make you understand how much I love this song I can say that, if I had to rate this album I would give it a solid 8 out of 10, while this amazing tune deserves a 10, 11 maybe!

But hey, don’t you dare thinking that other tunes are there just to fulfill some blank spaces. They’re great compositions as well, and, if I can give you a piece of an advice, keep an eye on Yearning for the Past and Inexistence for my other standout tracks. Also make sure to listen closely to the drums parts, they aren’t extremely technical but they are neatly played and pretty exciting as well.

Note by note, layer by layer Aftermath slowly grows and builds up to reach very high points. Up to the stars and the moon, between space and earth I am not afraid to crown this album as a true masterpiece.

1. Aftermath
2. Yearning for the Past
3. I Wish the Dawn Would Never Come
4. Nothing, Worthless
5. Inexistence
6. Together In Death
7. Ascension

Label: Depressive Illusions Records
Websites: Facebook  | Bandcamp
Release Date: 29th August 2014
Reviewed by Teo

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