Siren – A Kingdome Aflame (USA, 2015)


This work is introduced as a blackened doom metal album, to tell the truth I don’t know where the doom metal is, it sounds definitely Stoner Metal to me. But it’s ok, call it whatever you like, I don’t give a damn, though. As you may know I’m not interested in starting out any “genre war”, what I do care about is the quality of the music. Period.

That being said, Siren‘s debut full length is a decent record full of badass riffs, pissed off vocals and some sing-along moments too. A Kingdome Aflame recalls that southern stoner sound by the likes of Alabama Thunderpussy, tinted with a light shade of black metal, as you can hear in Hiraeth’s starting riff (for example), and just a little bit of heavy metal to spice everything up. The vocal is the most attractive thing out of this record. Being it harsh or grunting, it always sounds clear and audible, and it pushes the whole band onwards.
Drums are monolithic and super-heavy, unfortunately they’re not so dynamic, in my opinion applying much more variety to the rhythm compartment (drums & bass) would make the next record a killer one!s

Anyway, there isn’t any stellar moment here, the album just keep on its flow without having any apex, or overexciting part. But the tune I found myself mostly enjoying is Into The Starless Night, the harmonizing guitars work pretty solidly underneath the words spitted out with so much anger.
At the end of the game I surely cannot find any real mistake in this Ohio-based quartet’s first fatigue. I can only blame them for a lack of incisiveness, but after all this record does worth to be listened to. And I’m glad I did.


1. Fire & Blood
2. Into The Starless Night
3. Ursine Lineage
4. Bastard of the Dreadfort
5. And the Skies Mourner Her Light
6. Hiraeth
7. The Devil Rides Out
8. A Kingdome Aflame

Label: Draconum Records
Websites: Facebook | Bandcamp
Release Date: 30th May 2015
Reviewed by Teo

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