Shizune – Le Voyageur Imprudent (Italy, 2015)

” “nous sommes un mouvement
éternel dans le temps”

so you said to me
or at least I guess so”

This short album is the 6th released work by the Italian screamo band Shizune, from Lonigo.
The album packs all of the typical element of this niche genre, as plenty of dynamic going from lush chord progressions to blast beats, the ever expressive slightly off-pitched screaming and, obviously, emotional and abstract lyrics which can’t be missing. I feel that this work is even more aggressive than their previous ones, there’s a frequent dose of blasting in there.
The tracks on Le Voyageur Imprudent are really short with an average playing time of about 2 minutes.

Some of the tracks, and obviously those with Italian titles, are sung in the band’s mother tongue. In my opinion this gives a more effective coherence to the tracks. Lyrics feel more “honest”, hence making the emotional side hit harder.
My standout track would be Un Telefono Che Non Squilla, for its lyrics and overall feel.

senza alcuna tregua
mi sconfigge
ma è l’idea di fermarmi
che mi distrugge”

Since I don’t have much more to say about the album (I simply advise you to have a listen), I’ll leave you with the lyrical bits I enjoyed the most. I’m sorry, most of them are in Italian.

Sputnik! Nostalgia has maybe too much blasting in the drumming sections at first, but then resolves in the usual dynamic changes.

“please remember us
better than we are”

Vesper is again sung in Italian

“ignoriamo troppo a lungo
che un attimo
è perpetuo nella memoria”

“di ogni istante
conosco a memoria
la sua fine
dimmi cosa c’è
oltre il tempo
che non ho scorto mai
io comincio
dalla fine”

as well as Senza luce

“sospinti dal vento
spiriamo in bufere
più grandi di noi

and Difficile Da Capire, Impossibile Da Spiegare

“viaggiando senza timore
sprezzanti del tempo
ci eleviamo sui dubbi
per ammirare il domani

e sospeso tra immagini
trattengo il pensiero
per soffocare il rimpianto
di non saper volare”

Instructions for Inertia closes up the album in a cyclical way with the words
“ “nous sommes
un mouvent
dans le temps
nous sommes,
nous sommes,
nous sommes…”

recalling the first lines of Aestheticism. Here are some lines I enjoyed from the song:

“as we watched
our world collapse
I could just
hear you sigh
“i feel the weight of the years
that have never passed”
and for this I die every day
there is no future
in repetition”

“There is no future in repetition”. And guess what, the album closes up in a way that’s addressing the act of repetition itself. Probably as a last, melancholic way to denounce the powerlessness of the human condition with respect to life.
I enjoyed the album, congratulations to Shizune for keeping up with interesting and heartfelt lyricism. On to next time!

In addition to the vinyl edition, the digital version of the album is available for “name your price” on Bandcamp.



  1. Aestheticism
  2. Notes of decay
  3. Un telefono che non squilla
  4. Sputnik! nostalgia
  5. Vesper
  6. Immortel et Impérissable
  7. Senza luce
  8. Orienteering in Aokigahara青木ヶ原
  9. Difficile da capire, impossibile da spiegare
  10. Instructions for inertia

Label: Dog Knights Productions | Driftwood Records
Links: BandCamp | Facebook
Release Date: 02 March 2015
Reviewed by Rizzo

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