Seventh Oar – Ordalicum EP (Italy, 2015)


Seventh Oar is a freshly re-born project after the dismissal of an older, pre-existing one with a different name and some line-up changes from it. This modern metalcore quintet comes from Mantova, Italy.
This debut EP Ordalicum purely stands in the aggressive metalcore realm and follows, at least in my opinion, a simple formula: it’s very breakdown-oriented with catchy melodic refrains and some harmonies to spice it all up a little bit.
Groovy pedal riffs are everywhere, and there are also start-stop moments in the arrangements which I always find really hard to appreciate since that feels like a non-transitioned copy-paste of ideas to me. But hey, musical choices are choices.
The work has some electro moments and interludes (provided by the collaboration with Andrea Moserle from Upon This Dawning), such as the intro Reverence.

My standout tracks would probably be Sourceless and Crimson for their melodic and quite catchy refrains, fairly close to a singalong situation.
Throughout the whole EP we can appreciate Mattia’s sheer vocal power which perfectly fits the genre, the man knows what’s up!
I would have appreciated more variety, maybe some solos or more dynamics. Above all, more riff-driven rather than breakdown-driven arrangements at least, hence the work seemed quite stale to me but that’s clearly my personal opinion.
Either way, that’s just a short debut EP. Hope the guys come up with cooler ideas next time. Until then, keep it up!


  1. Reverence
  2. Sourceless
  3. I Am The Wrong Answer
  4. Crimson River
  5. Suspended

Label: self-released
Links Bandcamp | Facebook
Release Date: 07 April 2015
Reviewed by Rizzo

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