Season II Finale

And here we are again, as the title wisely says, with the grand finale of TSL’s season two.
Ok, it makes no sense calling it a season. “Second year of publications” would be more appropriate. But c’mon, “season” makes us look way cooler (than we actually are).

That being said, yeah, we are going to end the second year of The Somber Lane blog.
Both me and my mate Rizzo are so proud, and a bit incredulous we got so far as well. I mean, we never thought we’d have lasted for 2 whole years actually (hahaha). But of course we’re longing for more: more music, more audience, more contributors (hence more reviews) and a bit more popularity. Oh, look how greedy we are!
Alright, let’s stop it! Really, it always gets me embarrassed when I have to thank people. So I make up (stupid) jokes. But this is the time to get serious.
Many, many thanks to all the readers. Also those who gave even just a little peep to the blog.
To the artists, PRs and agencies who keep on fueling our work.
Also thanks to whoever, in one way or another, gave us wise suggestions and tips.
But above all, a special mention goes to everyone who contributed with TSL (or still does), thanks to:
Justin, Felipe, Samuele, Steve, Stefano and Stormm. You’ve been all great!

Now the sad announcement. We’re going to stop…for the next month, as we’ll be on holiday. Hell, we will!
See ya next season with the same great columns, plus fancy brand new ones for you to enjoy.
-Teo & Rizzo

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