Starless Night – Lost In Life’s Endless Maze (USA, 2015)


Checking a DSBM record out is always an intense experience. Or at least it’s what it should be…
You don’t need to focus on music, instead is the music itself that should bring you in a downward vortex of sorrow and fear. Achieving this isn’t easy at all, but Starless Night made it happen somehow.

Lost in Life’s Endless Maze comes in semi-DSBM outfit, I mean is not as depressive as I expected it to be, but it’s atmospheric, hypnotic and engaging as it will embrace you in an stifling fog of negativity. The album orbits around repetitive drums, oppressive guitars and screamed vocals. The hypnotic plots that guitars generate are the key to understand and enjoy the record. They keep on pushing on perpetual melodies, by which the listener will find hard not to get caught by, especially as it happens with the opener Passionate Hatred (Sheeple), the shortest one but also the more incisive, talking about riffing. Lost in Life’s Endless Maze is the pearl of this record, the darkest one. The clean chorus that it unfolds definitely freezes my blood, everytime.

sPersonally I’d suggest to Starless Night to focus more on the vocals next time. After some minutes (and the record has a lot of minutes in it) it may sounds boring. Probably a bit of alternation between different pitches would be more enjoyable. And also the screams should sound way more desperate, if they truly aim to arrive at the sublimation of the DSBM art.
Beside that, I’ve got no other complain, drums are solid and together with guitars, as I said, are the pillars of the record. The bass, well I’d love to say something about it, but I haven’t heard of him…hello, anyone out there? Mr. Bass? Nothing.

And now I’m here, in the loneliness of my room, with Starless Night playing and I’m thinking…I’m thinking why should life be so fucking disgusting sometimes?

1.Passionate Hatred (Sheeple) 06:08
2.Deeper Through these Realms I Go 14:10
3.Lost in Life’s Endless Maze 11:33
4.Time Heals Nothing When There’s no Good to See 20:09
5. Indulged in your Own Essence of Being (Conceited Humans) 19:03

Label: Sixsixsix Music
Websites: Facebook
Release Date: 18th May 2015
Reviewed by Teo

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