Rome – Anthology (Luxembourg, 2015)


Jerome Reuter is the Luxembourg singer-songwriter behind the eclectic project called Rome. Born under the rock of folk lonely wolves like Nick Cave, he has ten albums behind his back and this first anthology contains a selection of 20 songs.
Approaching an anthology is always a difficult task, many things have been said about his past records and trying to find something new to say might seem impossible. So I decided to approach it in a different way, from the perspective of a first time listener (as I am). What you can find in this anthology is pretty diverse.
First of all, Folk. It’s sometimes well masked behind the strong arrangements, but that guitar strumming always takes me to a little, lonely, full of smoke bar stage.
Then English Post Punk. You can feel the anger, it’s there waving behind Jerome deep voice and his troublesome lyrics.
And sounds, there’s never a sound that doesn’t contribute to the mood of the songs, everything falls into place and guides you through the musical journey.

It’s clear that behind Rome there is so much more. Folk, Post Punk, Sad-core and Industrial blend together to create what is sometimes missing in today’s music: songs.
Because the main thing that you can’t find here is songs. Breaking them up is nearly impossible, but if I would choose a standout track it would be “Neue Errinerung” mainly for because it has an incredible atmosphere but doesn’t sacrifice an easy listening experience!
A side note has to be made, sometimes if you don’t like the “Death in June-ish” feeling you can find everything a bit muffled and boring, but if you enjoy go driving in the night, smoking your cigar while watching the world turning grey, this records is definitely for you!

Last but not least this anthology is really well constructed, probably it was done by the artist because the picture that the songs paint while progressing feels coherent and never falls out of place.
If you, like me, have never heard of Rome before this “Anthology”, you should definitely check it out! You won’t be deluded!


  1. The Accidents of Gesture
  2. Der Brandtaucher
  3. Querkraft
  4. A Legacy Of Unrest
  5. Der Wolfsmantel
  6. A Pact Of Blood
  7. One Fire
  8. Reversion
  9. To Each His Storm
  10. Das Feuerordal
  11. A La Faveur De La Nuit
  12. Amsterdam The Clearing
  13. L’Assassin
  14. Years Of Abalone
  15. The Orchards
  16. Pornero
  17. The Torture Detachment
  18. families Of Eden
  19. Neue Erinnerung
  20. My Traitor’s Heart

Label: Trisol
Websites: |
Release Date: 2st October 2015
Reviewed by Samuele Danieli

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