Premiere: Revenience’s new video ‘Revenant’

Italian group Revenience release their new video today for the track Revenant taken from the album Daedalum released earlier in the year on Sliptrick Records. The video has been an ambitious undertaking for the band, shooting in difficult and exotic locations to provide a portentous, epic, movie-like feel. The song itself is a moody, sumptuous ballad featuring lead vocalists Debora Ceneri’s soaring vocals and the band in reflective yet powerful mode perfectly embodying the feel of the visuals.

Take a look below!

Story synopsis

In a not so distant future, after a unspecified disaster that has put humanity on the edge of extinction – a small group of survivors live in harsh condition dealing with primal experiences. Their only concern is to stay alive, even if they are somehow trying to cling to remnants of their civilization (reading, painting, religion, etc). It is at this moment, that a mystical entity, with a red and black robe and a mysterious box, appears. Everyone feels its presence and they turn and follow it as if hypnotized.

Then, the box is opened, unveiling its content: a daedalum. Spinning the daedalum causes a quantum leap, funneling the survivors into another dimension, where they experience, once again, a glimpse of civilization through music, art, elegance and beauty – a show in a baroque theater – all overseen by the mystical entity. Then the daedalum stops spinning and they are pulled back to their miserable reality. But the daedalum is still there, left by the entity as a gift. So they can spin it again and perhaps find hope for a better future.

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