Listen to Replacire’s New Track ‘Do Not Deviate’


Replacire are streaming the first song taken from their forthcoming album ‘Do Not Deviate‘, which has been slated for release on March 17th.

Listen to the official Premiere of Replacire’s band new track right now!

Regarding their new album, REPLACIRE comment:

“The title track ‘Do Not Deviate’ represents all the elements that make up this record. It is a churning, grinding song with melodic moments sandwiched between death metal riffs and guttural vocals. A rhythmic, headbanging solo section underneath virtuoso leads. All clocking in at 3:11, delivering a quick banger to introduce extreme music fans to what REPLACIRE are about and do.”

REPLACIRE are simultaneously revealing the new artwork and the track-list of ‘Do Not Deviate’, which can both be viewed below.



01. Horsestance
02. Act, Reenact
03. Built Upon the Grave of He Who Bends
04. Any Promise
05. Cold Repeater
06. Reprise
07. Moonbred Chains
08. Do Not Deviate
09. Spider Song
10. Traveling Through Abyss
11. Enough for One

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