Rectified Spirit – The Waste Land (India, 2015)


The blurb that comes with albums states “There remains a divide between old school and new school music but Rectified Spirit has taken the middle path in a way so as to not alienate either factions but take the sound ahead by taking the best qualities of both worlds.”

I usually ignore most band biog’s as they’re more often than not, full of hyperbolic nonsense. But with this one, I can see where they are coming from.

Reversing just a little, I’d better introduce the band. Rectified Spirit are an Indian Metal band, but you wouldn’t guess it for a second. Musically, there’s a lot of Power Metal going on here. It’s mixed with a more modern edge. Younger fans will probably say Lamb of God, oldies like myself will also reference Pantera. Throw in the format that covers a multitude of genres “Progressive”, and that just about sums up the band’s sound.

The big dividing point though, will be the cleaner vocals. For the most part they veer into Power Metal territory with strong soaring vocals, but occasionally they do dip into the whiny shit my 20 year old daughter listens to. So I’d say it’ll be an age thing whether you are ok with this style. I have to admit I’m not. But I will have to say that even though some of the vocals aren’t to my taste, like the rest of the album, everything is superbly crafted. Apart from track 5, Afterthought, which had me reaching for the stop button almost immediately. It’s much too sugary for my savoury taste buds.

All fans of European Power Metal and those with a love for dynamic twisting rhythms and the energy of more modern traits, will no doubt lap this up. Personally, I’ll risk getting a few splinters (you know where) as I sit on the fence with this one. Full marks for the Power Metal side of things and the jury’s out on the other stuff.



  1. The Art of War
  2. Fireborn
  3. Winter in Thine Eyes
  4. The Green Goblin
  5. Afterthought
  6. Once Below a Time
  7. Empire
  8. The Waste Land

Label: Transcending Obscurity
Websites: Label | Band
Release Date: September 10th 2015
Reviewed by Steve



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