REALMS OF ODORIC Post “The Last Embrace” Video with Budapest Film Orchestra

The sophomore album from Realms Of Odoric, “Second Age”, will be released this week.

Featuring musician and composer Arkadius Antonik (SuidAkra) as well as artist and illustrator Kris Verwimp (Marduk, Manegarm, Thyrfing), the band has now released a video for the track “The Last Embrace”, which was recorded and produced in Budapest on 25th October, together with the Budapest Film Orchestra.

For the first time in the history of the project, the album features guest musicians from around the world and two orchestras.
“Second Age” contains 18 compositions with a playing time of 44 minutes. The album is not available in the regular stores, but only in the MDD shop in different editions including an 80-page A4 book with illustrations of Kris Verwimp, wich tells the story of the second age of Odoric.

01. Odoric Overture
02. The Lions Oath
03. The Last Embrace
04. Enchained
05. Pyramid Of Skulls
06. Serpent Tower Rising
07. Second Age Outcasts
08. Rogue Planet
09. Towering Solitude
10. The Rise Of Rebellion
11. Alaric Wolfbite
12. Return To Ankrath
13. Rebirth
14. Death Of The Deceived One
15. Decaying Blood
16. Broken Bonds
17. Odoric On The Serpent Throne
18. Aenea
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