RAW – From The First Glass to The Grave (Canada, 2016)


It’s not with so much pleasure that I compile this review. Why? RAW did steal my idea…my idea of mixing blues with extreme metal! I was supposed to be the one to do that. The first people on earth (eheh) to deliver this kind of style! You sleazy thieves!

No seriously I was just kidding, actually I’ve always wished to pursue such a cocktail of styles. To me it’s just lovely.

RAW, a 3 piece army from Calgary (Canada), dropped this huge condensed of malevolence and hate. 6 fuzzy tunes to help the world look more rotten and sick than what it already is.
And no, I wasn’t joking when I mentioned they play blues in a metal outfit. I know, it sounds strange but the result is nothing less than stunning.
Still, the best thing is the feeling of discomfort you can smell when approaching and undergoing From the First Glass to The Grave.

The single which anticipated the album, I’m a Shell (But I’m Your Man),  is probably one of the fanciest tunes out of this record. Beside the creepy music video (which you can stream right below) this is the song that introduces in the fairest way RAW’s work. It has the blues, it has the doom, it has the stoner -a bit- and it does have a lot of pain carved in its notes. Not to mention the crazy screams…I still have shivers down my spine -I’m a bit scared too, honestly-.

The prize for the better one goes to Slowly But Surely, though. This happens simply because it is the most bluesy one, and you know, I go crazy for this kinda music. Oh, I wish good ol’ John Lee could still be alive to see this! (I don’t know whether he would have liked it, but who knows…)
The title track is the odd one, instead. The fact From the First Glass to The Grave lasts three times the other tunes isn’t a problem, but reminding me The Doors is shattering. In its (the song) 70’s-psychedelich-ish passages you easily get lost and think you’ve just found a bad working time machine. You didn’t, it’s all happing here and now. The starting seems like a strange puzzle of casual riffs, but as the number builds up it gets better and better to conclude with a loooong instrumental “70’s rock” part.

Thanks for stealing my idea buddies, still congratulations on this innovative yet mammoth work!

1. Death Waltz
2. Chopped Em’ Up
3. Slowly But Surely
4. I’m a Shell (But I’m Your Man)
5. Mine
6. From the First Glass to The Grave

Label: Aural Music
Websites: Facebook| Bandcamp
Release Date: 10th  June 2016
Reviewed by Teo

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