The Purity of Isolation

And here we are again. Just you, the soil, the whirling wind, trees and some scattered rocks placed to remind you the right way.

Suddenly your mind is empty, beyond problems and all the shit. Possibly you can finally be truly focused on what really matters. And now you can hear yourself thinking. No other human sounds are clearly audible but your weak footsteps on that fallen leaves carpet.
Now, you might be wondering how this may have something to do with music.
Actually it doesn’t! It’s about silence and contemplation.

But you can’t be always wandering around woods and hills, can you!?
Here is where the music comes. I found that the genuine feeling of being in the core of a wood can be lived again with certain music. And atmospheric black metal is second to none when it comes to evoke profound emotions. So these are few names you can start your imaginary-wandering experience with. Agalloch and Wolves in The Throne Room are going to be the milestones of your path. But also Saor, Drudkh, Alda, Falls of Rauros, Evergreen Refuge and Panopticon may come handy.


Even though the subject of solitude is debated widely in other shades of black metal too, as well as doom metal and depressive rock, and many others genres of course, it’s often treated in a depressive way. While what I’m interested in, at the moment, is that sort of glorious and intimate feeling that is given by those artists mentioned just above. (Ndt. But lines overlap sometimes, and we can find acts talking about solitude with different and various meanings).

I think some people are just frightened of being alone, others find strength in isolation (I might be placed in this second category, in case you were wondering). Others are only selfish enough to believe this is just bullshit.
Anyway, you’re free to believe in what you think is right, and experience what you think is cool.
My last thoughts can be simply expressed by them, Falls on Rauros, with a song able to explain all of this way better than I did. And after all, maybe isolation is the very last thing that remained pure.

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