Psython – S/T Demo (UK, 2015)


Most of the time I’m reluctant when it comes to review demos. I know, it doesn’t sound fair at all, but bands like to record every kind of shit because: “Hey, that’s just a demo! We’ll be have better production/arrangement/playing/whatever on the next one.” So why the hell you’d throw out a piece of crap?
Luckily there’s still someone outta here who’s able to craft brilliant demos. Just like Psython did on this one. 

These guys from the United Kingdom delivered a neat 3-track (plus a live recorded one) album. While they introduce themselves as a thrash metal band (ndt. That’s what I read on their Bandcamp page) I found them so recalling of the mid-era Protest The Hero, mainly for the vocals and the lovely guitar riffs. Which also appear to be the nicest things out of the brief collection.

The 4 songs are all catchy and filled with “stuff”…and with stuff I mean harsh, high, low, deep and crazy screams, sharp guitars, nice solos, pressing drums and an overall atmosphere of “coolness”. (I didn’t know how to describe it better, but I think –coolness- fits properly).
Dave 1.1 came out to be the track I mostly enjoyed. The shortest one, in which you’ll find it hard to catch your breath (nor you’ll be really able to do that during the whole demo) and you won’t stop your head from banging. TOTALLY BADASS.

Everything has been done finely and I wouldn’t know what I could complain. Just be ready to bang your heads and sing along with these crazy fellas!


1. Meltdown
2. Dave 1.1
3. Blunt
4. DNA (Live)

Label: Self-Released
Websites: Bandcamp
Release Date: 18th April 2015
Reviewed by Teo

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