Review: Plebeian Grandstand – Lowgazers (France, 2014)

So, it’s late night. I’m in my bed with a pounding headache, I can’t breathe, foaming at the mouth. I’m constantly rattling, unable to find peace and about to drown into some black water that’s spilling from the floor and smells like bleach, rising faster and faster.

Oh wait, it was just a dream. Well, more of an album to say the truth.
And its name is Lowgazers, dated March 2014, specifically the fourth release and second LP by French act Plebeian Grandstand, active since 2005.
Are you a fan of extreme music? Noisy dissonance, intensity and obscure, oppressive atmospheres maybe? This album is for you, then. Let’s have a closer look at it.

The record opens with “Thrvst”, carrying a pack full of the dissonant riffs, screams and assaulting blasts you’ll hear all along the album. The first claustrophobic, dark mid-tempo sections begin to emerge.
My other selected tracks would be “Flail In The Bliss” for its nice mid-song riff and “Mvrk Diving” for its guitar lines. The latter is probably the most varied composition in the album too. Curiously, “Relief Of Troth” is a short, entirely ambient track.
My standout track, other than the opener, would be “Lowlifer”, for its atmosphere and darkness.

The LP is overall quite relentless and I would have appreciated additional moods and dynamics.
Some more “breathing” atmospheric parts and tempo changes would have probably fitted the arrangements well in my personal opinion, as used by their countrymen, colleagues and dissonance masters Deathspell Omega, for instance.
It surely is a great extreme album for what it is, however.
A fun fact: all “u”s in the song titles have been replaced by “v”s, as a sort of self-conscious parody of the black metal “kvlt” attitude.
Good job, I’m looking forward to what the guys will deliver next!


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