Pink Floyd – The Endless River (UK, 2014) by Teo


Ok, I know. I shouldn’t be doing this. But unfortunately (for you)…and fortunately for me, someone brought me this album as a Christmas present.

Otherwise I don’t really think I would ever have digged this one up.

Yes, now you’re probably saying things like: “Pink Floyd are dead! They’re way too mainstream! They’re sissies! I don’t like David Gilmour! Blah Blah! Blah!”
Please leave all the prejudices apart, because The Endless River is a great album, at least for me it is indeed.

I’ve always been a great fan of old-style Pink Floyd. Things like Atom Heart Mother, Animals and Wish You Were Here are absolutely milestones for me. So when I heard about a new album I wasn’t so sure that it could be a good thing. Especially because I’ve never loved so much the latest Floyd era, the one leaded by Gilmour. But this is album is different, let’s see how.

First of all it’s essentially a long piece of music (a long suite) divided in many (18) short songs, but they’re all merged together without any actual dead point between them. And besides that the album ends as it starts, the same notes are very audible both at the beginning and at the end of the record, to give a sense of continuity to it.
The album is also almost completely instrumental (except for the last song Louder Than Words) and I was surprised by this too. The compositions are full of cross references with old Pink Floyd’s albums. I don’t know if I actually dreamed of that, but I could clearly hear a bunch of synth riffs that sounded so fucking similar to the intro of Shine On Your Crazy Diamond. Couldn’t you?

I won’t bore you once again telling you about these old guys’ story and why you should give this record a chance, but trust me! This album is definitely a good piece of music (try not to think that you’re going to listen to Pink Floyd themselves and maybe you’ll enjoy it) and it’s worth a listen at least.

PS: a little post scriptum, the entire album was recorded during The Division Bell sessions back in 1993-94, when Richard Wright was still in the band…and still amongst us (RIP 2008).

Side 1
Things Left Unsaid – 4:24
It’s What We Do – 6:21
Ebb and Flow – 1:50

Side 2
Sum – 4:49
Skins – 2:37
Unsung – 1:06
Anisina – 3:15

Side 3
The Lost Art of Conversation – 1:43
On Noodle Street – 1:42
Night Light – 1:42
Allons-Y (1) – 1:56
Autumn ’68 – 1:35
Allons-Y (2) – 1:35
Talkin’ Hawkin’ – 3:25

Side 4
Calling – 3:38
Eyes to Pearls – 1:51
Surfacing – 2:46
Louder Than Words – 6:32

David Gilmour: Guitars, Bass, Synths and Voice.
Richard Wright: Keyboards, Organ and Synths.
Nick Mason: drums and percussion.


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