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This is such a delicate topic to face, but we finally decided to go for it. Many of you will be shaken, many others will most likely hate us, but hopefully few of you will understand us.
What I’m talking about? Accepting only physical promos.

I know, I know at this point almost every one of you would have left the page saying that we’re f**king idiots and con artists. You’re free to think whatever you like, but let us explain at least.
We do love music, and we do love it so bad that we’re investing a f**king huge amount of time in this blog that we’ve almost lost our minds.
We receive something like 4/8 promos a day (not to mention news and others), which sounds like 24/48 promos per week (ok, we don’t receive much on Sunday), and sure thing is that we’d love to feature at least 50% of those promos on our blog.

Unfortunately, we have our own lives and we can’t do that at all. The result is that we’re forcing ourselves to listen to a shit-ton of music. And do you know what is the result of that? No, it is not being happy and discovering new bands. Instead it has been listening deliberately and always in a hurry to so much music that music itself lost its meaning. And this ain’t complaining.
I mean we’re happy with what we do, but the thing is that what we do is free of any charge, we do not get paid at all (nor we would like though), but the time we invest in spreading someone else’s music is real…it’s so damn real it hurts. We don’t want to quit, but it’s getting tough already. So what do we ask? Nothing but a physical promo.

So, what we are doing here is just asking you to show some genuine interest in us, not just stop by and ask for a feature, not showing any appreciation. We do what we do for the love of music, and nothing else. In our point of view, providing a physical is a sign of accountability, serious interest, and also respect in a way.

That being said, we’ll still accept digitals. But being constantly saturated with stuff, we can say we will for sure guarantee a priority only to artist providing physical promos. This will act as a sort of screening. For the rest…please bear with us. We’ll do all it takes to satisfy you. We’re trying to increase our staff too, but we’re not superhuman.
By the way, this is yet another moment to say that the TSL ship is always open for new contributors. If you’d like to join us, feel free to contact us and get on board!

Thanks for your understanding.
Teo & Rizzo

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