Review: Peter Broderick – Grunewald EP (USA, 2016)

I know reviews are supposed to start with a brief introduction of the artist who crafted the opera. Then they should give you a hint on his past discography and tell you what has been the environment the artist himself built upon this new release. Well, today I’m not gonna do any of that.

The only thing that really needs a mention is that Peter Broderick’s Grunewald EP has actually been recorded in just one night inside Berlin’s Grunewald Church. That being said nothing else needs a tangible formula of words. It would just be useless if I’d describe song by song, piece by piece or even worse if I’d go for a report-like-review. I hate exhibiting music art that way. But in this very case they’d all become just lousy!


Take a deep breath instead -and as the last song recites: “Eyes Closed And Travelling”. And that’s the true, immaculate essence of this brief, haunting neoclassical album. We’re guided honestly by the masculine confidence of the grand piano that majestically reverberates inside the church’s vaults. But it eventually leaves its throne to the thin, fuzziness of the violin from time to time. And again, some distant, echoing and ethereal vocals can be perceived sparingly. But that’s not the point.

The point is the music. Something we may have forgotten lately. Still, music is the key. Music is the key of our passions, and surely it is for this blog. And here, inside Grunewald Church’s wall, we’re just taken by the hand. Peter Broderick’s leading but it is our own imagination telling where to go.
And for me, personally, there are beautiful places. Late autumn woods, where almost-naked trees are lashed by breeze of timid winter. My eyes are closed indeed, but I can see it. So vivid. I smell it and I can almost touch it. And while the sun slowly fades from beyond what my sight can reach I must head back. Walking down again the trail of dreams.

But yeah, I like being romantic. Yet this album helped me out a lot in that area. And the songs Goodnight, It’s A Storm When I Sleep and the previously mentioned Eyes Closed And Travelling are simply the best expression of a sublime, golden slumber.

Grunewald is not easy to get into. But if you managed to cross that line you’ll reach out the stars. No, wait. You will reach out a daydream.

Label: Erased Tapes Records
Websites: Facebook | Website | Buy
Release Date: 12th December 2016
Reviewed by Matteo ‘Teo’ Gruppi

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