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Ok, here we are again with another amazing column!
This one is about our personal playlist (both Rizzo’s and mine), and probably you won’t give a damn what we are listening to. And of course I could agree with you.
But, we’ve done this because it’d be useful and, hopefully interesting, for you to know what songs are fuelling this little somber blog of ours.

So here they are, our playlists with songs streaming links so you can immediately listen to our favourite music of the moment. Great, isn’t it!

Teo’s Playlist

1. Agalloch – Limbs (from “Ashes Against The Grain”, USA, 2006)

2. Insomnium – Black Heart Rebellion (from “Shadow of The Dying Sun”, Finland, 2014)

3. Nox Aeternum – Empire of Filth (from “Vale Nostri Moriens Spiritum”, USA, 2013)

4. Woman is The Earth – Crown & Bone/Dreamer (From “Depths”, USA, 2014)

5. Falls of Rauros – The Purity of Isolation (from “Falls of Rauros/Panopticon split”, USA, 2014)

6. Panopticon – Capricious Miles (from “Roads To The North”, USA, 2014)

7. Lustre – Follow Us To The Stars (Part 1) (from “Through The Ocean to The Starts”, Sweden, 2014)

8. Wolves In The Throne Room – Turning Ever Towards The Sun (from “Celestite”, USA, 2014)

9. Opeth – Moon Above, Sun Below (from “Pale Communion”, Sweden, 2014)

10. Saor – The Awakening (from “Aura”, Scotland, 2014)

Rizzo’s Playlist

1. The Dillinger Escape Plan-Weekend Sex Change (from “Calculating Infinity”, USA , 1999)

2. Dave Matthews Band-Crush (from “Before These Crowded Streets”, USA, 1998)

3. Little Tybee – History (from “Humourous To Bees”, USA, 2011)

4. Touché Amoré-Harbor (from “Is Survived By”, USA, 2013)

5. Deathspell Omega-Apokatastasis Pantôn (from “Paracletus”, France, 2011)

6. Jon Gomm-Passionflower (from “Secrets Nobody Keeps”, UK, 2013)

7. Destrage-Are You Kidding Me? No (from “Are You Kidding Me? No”, Italy, 2014)

8. Devin Townsend-Deep Peace (from “Terria”, Canada, 2001)

9. Plini-Atlas (single track, Australia, released 2014)

10. Protest The Hero-Mist (from “Volition”, Canada, 2013)

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